In getting ready for Spain in a few weeks, I’ve set up my Canon on a tripod to get shots of my outfits throughout the week.

Can’t wait for Spain! I will be blogging about it soon on

My friends and I will be blogging on there throughout the trip

I purchased the peplum ($15) and dress ($20) at TJ Maxx, love them so much!!

IMG_9353 IMG_9355 IMG_9371two IMG_9379


My mom found this silky blouse for a couple of bucks at a local thrift store.  I love the embroidery and how vintage it is.  It’s currently too hot in California to wear long sleeves, but I hope to style this with a skirt when it does cool down.

thriftblouse1 thriftblouse2


My new blog category is Chic Pinspiration, since I am obsessed with Pinterest and I’ve found a lot of fashion inspiration on  there.  I definitely recommend making an account and pinning if you haven’t already! Follow me on Pinterest, I tend to post a lot on fashion and piercings/tattoos.  

I will probably be titling the Chic Pinspiration posts by the category of the post,

I LOVE the Black + White + Gold trend!

Here is some Pinspiration for you, to help you STAY CHIC



Source: via Vani on Pinterest


Source: via Vani on Pinterest


Source: via M on Pinterest


The gold belt trend has been quite prominent,

((Not sure whether the proper name is Gold Metal Belt or Gold Mirror Belt))

Its a simple yet very chic accessory to add to your closet, and I found it for just under 6 bucks on Ebay!

Here is a link, or simply search “Gold Metal Belt” on ebay, under Women’s clothing and accessories and you should find them for similar prices.  Most of the sellers have three sizes, I’m thinking about getting the B size, at 3.2 cm.

Here is some inspiration on how to style your gold metal belt



Source: via Vani on Pinterest


I’m in love with these Lauren Conrad pumps that I bought at kohls.  Chic and wearable (comfy!)

Ive always loved this style of pump but never found any that were actually wearable, since im not that great with heels.

For these shots, I went out to a local park and had a mini photoshoot with two close friends of mine, always fun to take lots of photos!

Hype my look on lookbook :)

I’m currently setting up my room to have a corner of it dedicated to OOTDs and lookbook sets, so hoping for many more outfits to come!

Stay Chic,



I’ve been wanting a crochet swimsuit cover up, but I haven’t found one for a low cost, so I’ve been keeping an eye out for a dress that I could make into one.

Here’s a dress that I found at Goodwill for $2

thrift dress

I made sure it was a dress that had a separable slip on the inside

photo 1

I cut the slip below from the crochet-like part of the dress

photo 2

And made my own swim cover up! Love it

photo 3 - Copy


There’s this amazing website called that I thought I would share

I’ve been using it for a couple of years, and have created many unique custom gifts that everyone always loves

I suggest signing up and subscribing to their newsletter, since they send out a great deal every month (Usually with free shipping too, which is usually the most costly thing)

Here’s my referral code for it,

The reason why I am sharing it on here is because its great for making gifts for friends, or for yourself

I was thinking about it when I did the bikini guide, since they just recently added the ability to create your own custom bikini


If I hadn’t found my perfect bikini online I would’ve definitely made a custom one,

Here’s a link to the ArtsCow custom bikini  that you can upload a design to get printed to

I was thinking it would be perfect for someone with a destination wedding, with a chevron print and monogram

Or, if I ever plan to go to EDC (Hopefully next summer) then I will most likely design one including the EDC logo and some daisys and such :)


They often have cosmetic bag sales, sent via their email, for three bags for $8.99 with free shipping, I have gotten that deal a couple of times

A few things I’ve made on ArtsCow:

chanel drip bag Chanel Drip cosmetic bag (I added a fashion quote in the corner)

arts2 A notepad I made ages ago from my senior pictures

banksy umbrella A Banksy Umbrella that I designed on Photoshop


I definitely recommend checking out their website, but also know that everything is made in China and expect about a month or little less between the submission of your creation and actually receiving it

This summer I will be going to Barcelona (so excited!) and I plan to spend a lot of time on the beach, so I have been on the search for the perfect bikini.  I also, of course, wanted to keep the price low, and find something really chic.
I recommend searching on: (Lots of great deal, huge selection) (Search items option in top right) (They have some cute ones) (They have good sales, but expect about $30 for a bikini top; buy cheap bottoms at a local walmart or target) If you are a student, you can sign up to get a 10% discount from your purchases, you can join on the unidays section of the site or through my referral 


Below I will be including some of my favorite finds.  But first, here is the bikini I chose from

My Final Pick

bikini black and white chic $29.95 (just for top)

Bikini’s under $30

Simply Cute

bikini4 $14 Ebay (Incl. shipping) [Seller: niceding] bikini5 $14 Ebay (Incl. shipping) [Seller: dealglad]

bikini7 $20 Ebay (incl. shipping) [seller: save_good]

bikini8 $24 Asos (bikini top only) [CHEVRON BIKINI, looked all over for these :) ]

bikini9 $25 Asos (bikini top only) [cute triangle]

bikini9c$14 Forever 21 (Bikini top only) festival wear


Bralette Style

bikini9a $24 Asos (Bikini top only ) geometric high waist

bikini9b $30 Asos (Bikini top only) floral

bikini9d $30 Asos (bikini top only)

Cut Out Style

bikini cut out $21 Ebay (Incl. Shipping) [seller: working2009]

bikini cutout$19 Ebay (incl. shipping) [Seller: torreking]


Good luck on your search for the perfect bikini! Hope this helped




cheap maxi skirtsI found these chiffon maxi skirts for $8.99 with free shipping by the seller sow-beauty.  Here’s a link to the actual item, I hope that when you read this it it still up.  If not then look on the seller’s page.

Such a cheap price! I will be purchasing a white or red one soon.

Maxi skirts will be perfect for this summer! Definitely make for a cute outfit

Here are some ideas for styling



fashion show flyer

On April 27th, I took part in being a stylist in Fashion Inc.’s third annual fashion show.  Fashion Inc. is a fashion club at my college, and I have been in the club since last fall.  This spring semester I was the Public Relations Officer and made all of the graphics to promote the show.

Vanessa Sue

My theme for the fashion show was revolved on the spring trend of black and white.  In general I just love black, so I of course am loving the black, white, and leather trend.  All of the clothes I used for the show were out of my closet (except for the skirt, which I purchased thrift a few days before the show).  All of my outfits were black and white (or just black) with gold accents.  I loved incorporating my ankle cuffs on to Rose (farthest right on image), and I also used a black ribbon with gold studs to go around her bun.  My models (Alex, Jenny, Amy, Elisa, and Rose) did such a great job! It was a first for all of us.  Overall I had a great time with the experience of my first fashion show (It was a lot of work behind the scenes!); all the hard work was worth it.

black and white fashion

black and white fashion show